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Jenny Burgos & Nat Narkprasert

Imocha Thai would like to take the time in thanking Jenny Burgos for all of her hard work with updating the house menu & takeout menu. It looks much cleaner than the original which had too many food items and hard to read text. The menus are easier to navigate. It will be simple to update the menu files later on down the road in order to keep our food cost in check. When any type of business has a lot on its plate (no pun intended), it really helps to outsource any extra work you are not familiar with, so you can save time and concentrate on other parts of the business that best utilizes your skills . Working with people you can trust to do certain tasks and get them done on schedule is key for success in your business. Jenny’s background is in photography but she is also a freelancer for different companies working with Quickbooks software and helping businesses with their record keeping. Thanks again Jenny Burgos!!!