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Thai food has become such a main staple here in the U.S. But can be very different then what you would have in Thailand. Many of these Thai restaurants here in the states tend to have bland dishes. If you have never tried Thai food and you want to try a new restaurant that serves these authentic dishes, come to Imocha, which is located just outside NYC in Woodland Park N.J. The owner/chef Paul Imocha uses fresh spices & herbs in all his dishes. He has a number rating of 1 to 5 on just how hot you may want your dish to be, 1 being the lowest. Let’s face it, not everyone can handle the level of spiciness within all these dishes. It’s also hard to find a good Thai restaurant where you get a great customer service experience. Besides great food you have to have great customer service, and this is where many restaurants tend to fail. Paul’s wife Nat who runs the front of the restaurant excels in this area. If you want the real experience for Thai food, then Imocha is where you will find it. Namaste`